Specializing In Oracle ERP To Optio Implementations

Tom Bruner is a leading Optio Software developer building document output solutions and custom reporting for Oracle Applications using Optio Design Studio and Optio eComIntegrate and other Optio printing software packages. Tom has helped clients work through the maze of Oracle ERP to Optio implementations. Tom´s diverse experience uniquely positions him to represent your best interests on complex ERP initiatives. Tom possesses a comprehensive and integrated combination of knowledge and experience to "hit the ground running" in the following disciplines.

Whether you have an existing platform you need to modify or you´re developing a new solution from scratch, when you need someone who specializes in Optio development, Tom Bruner is The Optio Guy.

Project Management

In today´s world of shortened lead times and tightening budgets, effective project execution is more important than ever. To assure a smooth Optio development cycle and implementation, Tom provides guidance and assistance in planning, executing, and follow-through of all aspects of Oracle ERP to Optio implementations from conception to go-live.

Project Reconciliation

Are your project milestones slipping or at risk? Based on "real life" experience, Tom gets implementations back on track by quickly assessing the "state-of-the-project" and delivers a prioritized action plan to keep milestones and go-live dates on-target.

Architecture & Server Configuration for Document Delivery

In these crucial areas, Tom performs a complete assessment and recommends best practices and solutions, including Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, to ensure seamless integration among Oracle, Optio, imaging, faxing, and archiving systems.

Oracle Configuration for Integration with Optio

Besides being an Optio developer, Tom handles all aspects of configuring Oracle printing methodologies, print drivers, and other cross-platform issues encountered for reliable integration among Oracle, Optio printing software, and related delivery systems.

Document Design

Tom overcomes just about any document design challenges with his knowledge and expertise in Optio  development and programming methodologies for all standard and custom documents and delivery methods including multiple copies over multiple mediums such as fax and e-mail in addition to printed hard copy to any printer in your enterprise.

Custom Coding

Optio Design Studio doesn´t deliver to your needs? Tom is experienced in unique Optio development strategies for developing custom code, scripts, and document customization for functionality not available through DesignStudio.

Document Appearance Unification

Not just an Optio programmer, Tom´s astute attention to detail and background in document layout ensures that all of your documents have a unified look and style by following your existing corporate style guide or developing and instituting one if needed.

Mentoring & Training

Need an in-house Optio developer? Tom provides customized training & documentation on the operation of the Optio printing software servers, designing documents using Optio Design Studio, and delivery system to ensure your staff understands all operations and procedures. Tom works with your staff to assess and identify training or mentoring needs, recommends training approaches, develops materials, and conducts training activities.

Go-Live Preparation and Support

Tom develops and documents end-to-end troubleshooting methodologies to expedite resolution of problems before and after your most significant milestone -- go-live.